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Example: Create a site

This example creates an ArcGIS Server site based on user-supplied values for the primary site administrator account, the configuration store location, and the server directories' root location. These are the same values a user is requested to enter when manually creating a site in ArcGIS Server Manager.

The createNewSite operation in the ArcGIS REST API can be invoked with less code by simply passing in the desired user name and password for the primary site administrator, as well as the server name and port number. The example below adds the flexibility to define the desired configuration store location and root server directory location. Most of the code is related to creating the directories.

When defining the server directories programmatically, a large amount of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) detailing the directory properties must be passed to the createNewSite operation. In the example below, the directory properties are configured using Python dictionaries. These dictionaries are then serialized into JSON using Python's json.dumps() function. This helps maintain the readability of the example.

The directory properties used below are the same as the default ones applied by Manager when creating a site. You can modify them to your liking.

# Demonstrates how to create a new site

# For Http calls
import httplib, urllib, json

# For system tools
import sys, os

# For reading passwords without echoing
import getpass

# Defines the entry point into the script
def main(argv=None):
    # Ask for admin/publisher user name and password
    username = raw_input("Enter desired primary site administrator name: ")
    password = getpass.getpass("Enter desired primary site administrator password: ")

    # Ask for server name
    serverName = raw_input("Enter server name: ")
    serverPort = 6080 

    # Ask for config store and root server directory paths
    configStorePath = raw_input("Enter config store path: ")
    rootDirPath = raw_input("Enter root server directory path: ")
    # Set up required properties for config store
    configStoreConnection={"connectionString": configStorePath, "type": "FILESYSTEM"}
    # Set up paths for server directories             
    cacheDirPath = os.path.join(rootDirPath, "arcgiscache")
    jobsDirPath = os.path.join(rootDirPath, "arcgisjobs")
    outputDirPath = os.path.join(rootDirPath, "arcgisoutput")
    systemDirPath = os.path.join(rootDirPath, "arcgissystem")
    # Create Python dictionaries representing server directories
    cacheDir = dict(name = "arcgiscache",physicalPath = cacheDirPath,directoryType = "CACHE",cleanupMode = "NONE",maxFileAge = 0,description = "Stores tile caches used by map, globe, and image services for rapid performance.", virtualPath = "")    
    jobsDir = dict(name = "arcgisjobs",physicalPath = jobsDirPath, directoryType = "JOBS",cleanupMode = "TIME_ELAPSED_SINCE_LAST_MODIFIED",maxFileAge = 360,description = "Stores results and other information from geoprocessing services.", virtualPath = "")
    outputDir = dict(name = "arcgisoutput",physicalPath = outputDirPath,directoryType = "OUTPUT",cleanupMode = "TIME_ELAPSED_SINCE_LAST_MODIFIED",maxFileAge = 10,description = "Stores various information generated by services, such as map images.", virtualPath = "")
    systemDir = dict(name = "arcgissystem",physicalPath = systemDirPath,directoryType = "SYSTEM",cleanupMode = "NONE",maxFileAge = 0,description = "Stores files that are used internally by the GIS server.", virtualPath = "")
    # Serialize directory information to JSON    
    directoriesJSON = json.dumps(dict(directories = [cacheDir, jobsDir, outputDir, systemDir]))      
    # Construct URL to create a new site
    createNewSiteURL = "/arcgis/admin/createNewSite"
    # Set up parameters for the request
    params = urllib.urlencode({'username': username, 'password': password, 'configStoreConnection': 

configStoreConnection, 'directories':directoriesJSON, 'f': 'json'})
    headers = {"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "Accept": "text/plain"}
    # Connect to URL and post parameters    
    httpConn = httplib.HTTPConnection(serverName, serverPort)
    httpConn.request("POST", createNewSiteURL, params, headers)
    # Read response
    response = httpConn.getresponse()
    if (response.status != 200):
        print "Error while creating the site."
        data =
        # Check that data returned is not an error object
        if not assertJsonSuccess(data):          
            print "Error returned by operation. " + str(data)
            print "Site created successfully"

# A function that checks that the input JSON object 
#  is not an error object.
def assertJsonSuccess(data):
    obj = json.loads(data)
    if 'status' in obj and obj['status'] == "error":
        print "Error: JSON object returns an error. " + str(obj)
        return False
        return True
# Script start
if __name__ == "__main__":